Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pretty in Pastel // Leaf dance photography

I recently discovered a new editing effect in Lightroom, called the Pastel effect.

It's really lovely, and I tried really hard not to apply it to all my photos- even though I wanted too! ;)

These are some of my recent favorites <3

Through His grace,

                               ~ Jenny


  1. Oohh. I really like the people pictures. You two are so cute! I ALWAYS love bokeh. The white flowers behind you are gorgeous for a backdrop. I think that is all:)

  2. Oh, these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! love it:-)

  3. JENNY. these are gorgeous! i've never played with the pastel effect in LR, but it is absolutely lovely. ;) (and since i'm here, i just wanted to thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog - they always make my day; you are so encouraging and kind and i treasure each and every one of your words. :) <3)

    xx, m

  4. Oh my goodness, lady! How dreamy are these?! Love the soft colors and the woodland area. Beautiful, beautiful shots.


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