Friday, August 24, 2012

Tailed Blue butterfly

This little critter spent the night on the outside wall of our house, giving me ample time to photograph it. Once I saw it I knew what kind of shot I wanted, a sideways shot with  the butterfly sharp with the background and foreground blurred.

 Easily enough achieved . . . 
Though I think the picture is more interesting flipped on it's side. But you know what I should have done? Gotten right underneath and used the same depth of field, but gotten its cute little face! Oh well....always next time...

Lastly, I'm doing a photo challenge, creative flash photography, so on the spur of the moment I used my flash, and I rather liked the result.

On a side note, school has started, so my posts will probably be less frequent, even though I doubt I'll be taking less pictures. =D
Cul8tr Alig8trs!

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  1. Creative flash photography? Sounds fun! I've got a external flash for my camera, but haven't played with it near enough to know much about it. I wanna go try it now!


    p.s. thanks for your sweet comment... I know! Jean skirts are the best!!!


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