Thursday, August 1, 2013

Floating Spiders and Rainbow Webs // Have You Ever Seen

Many a morning, you will find me outside, doing what I love; capturing the awesomeness of God's creation in my humble little backyard. 

I found the idea of "floating spiders" particularly amusing that morning . . . 

Later, the sunlight came in at a different angle,  highlighting each strand of the webs!

Have you ever seen a close up of a spiderweb? If not, look closely, because they have more color, pattern and beauty than you probably ever guessed:

Spiders are really rather smart architects, funnel webs being some of my favorite webs. (yes, I do know that I just confessed to being a Watcher Of Spider Webs, not something the average girl ever does...)


Just look at all the colors! The patterns the light makes!

Later, on a lovely warm evening . . . 

 . . . I spied some golden light climbing up the spider webs . . .

 Lucky for me, this his guy was still buildin' his web. Because honestly, I simply love watching these critters go round and round, an' seeing the web take shape before my very eyes!
It's rather like- well,  watching a spider ballet, you might say!  ;)

Don't ya like the way the web dips in and out of the bokeh?
I'm sure it's good camouflage for the webs; it looks like there's a couple holes, but it's just an illusion.

Plus, near perfect spider webs + bokeh + a green background, just makes for a great photo, ya know?

And of course, there's nothin' like a good be-dewed spider web, so stay tuned for some drippingly gorgeous orbs of light strung on 'silver' thread!

God Bless! 
                      ~Jenny ♥


  1. Oh my goodness. That last picture. Hon, it is good! I love the framing and point of focus. AND the colors.

    Most people don't like spiders... so you have to be really talented to do what you did- make spiders beautiful. And that's really the message behind all you pictures- showing the beauty in everything, even the humblest little pieces.


    p.s. someone got a new design up, am I correct?

  2. Oh, that means a lot to me Gabby! Thanks!!!
    Partly because I had to manually focus on that guy (not enough contrast for my camera!) and partly because...what you said about people not liking spiders, 'cause that's true!
    But YOU saw the beauty, so I can label this: Mission Accomplished!

    This is a GREAT way to start off the day! =D

    Love ya.


    P.s. YES! I did it meself, and though I'll be tweaking it a bit, it's pretty good right now. =)

  3. OH MY. The third and fourth are definitely my favorites. <3 The lighting, the focus, the bokeh, the web...I just don't know what to say. <3 Numbers five, eight, and fourteen are other favorites... :)


    P.S. Love the design! Especially the header. :)

    1. Awww.... shucks, thanks Jess! =D
      The two with the orange leaves happen to be my favorites as well! It's not really fall yet, but one of our trees was dropping leaves 'cause of the heat.

  4. Wow I really enjoyed this one:) The second to last one especially! 3rd, 4th, and 5th; oh my word, I love the colors and THE LIGHTING. Girl I just love it. And spider webs, I love those too, so you're not alone in that:P You are getting so good with your camera! Keep practicing manual, it DOES get easier:)
    One last thing: THE EIGHTH PHOTOGRAPH.
    That is all :)
    PS: Your new layout is cool! I would recommend making the words in your header a little darker, but it all depends on what YOU like:)

  5. LOVE your pictures! And, just to let you know, you have been added to my "Inspiration" page over at :)


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