Saturday, August 24, 2013

In a Green Woodland // Part one

   While our backyard has more trees and bushes than the average suburban home, it's still not quite a forest. (unless you see it from the perspective of a 7 year old! *memories*)
However, the great thing about my 1.8-50mm lens, is that you can shoot at 1.8, from any distance. (As opposed to my 3.5 lens, which only goes down to 5.6 when fully zoomed in)
The reason I love that little fact,  is that I prefer to shoot large trees with  big aperture; that way the  leaves fore and aft of the focus point are blurred, into bokeh or nice abstract leaf shapes, instead of all being in focus at once, which to me, isn't very restful on the eyes.

      So tell me, if these photos aren't peaceful and relaxing . . .

(Except this shot was taken at f16 or higher)

  When the bed of Lemon balm is saturated with light like this . . . I just get all starry eyed, drinking in the scene, and clicking; clicking happily away.
WARNING: in some humid states, flocks of mosquitoes may be prevalent. Wear spray or be prepared to defend yourself. Many mosquitoes were killed in the taking of this photo.

 You have to admit, Fungus is pretty cool; with all it's neat texture and colors...

  I learned the advantages of using fill in flash . . .

    Without Flash:

      With Flash:

   This last photo, well, it lacks leaves. I'm aware of that. ;)     It's just so cool I HAD to post it!

                                                              God Bless!

                                        ~Jenny  ♥

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