Monday, February 17, 2014

It was a Dark and Snowy Night...

Snow blowing under the streetlight

Even though taking photos of snow at night, when it's, uh, dark, doesn't sound like the best idea, you can actually take some really neat photos!

In this one, I used flash to illuminate the snowflakes, which turned into the white circles.
This photo has a nice contrast between the cold, white snow and the warm, golden glow of the house lights.

While this one might look very similar, I didn't use flash on it, rather a large apeture and a high ISO . (Yay for a 1.8-50mm lens!)

While capturing the snow as in the above photo works, it can get monotonous after the first shot, so I looked around for other opportunites of showing the character of snow.

 After looking around a bit, I decided to take advantage of the extra light from the car lights (below) and the garage lights . . .

This picture was my favorite of the bunch, because if you didn't know that it was snow blowing into a beam of light, it looks like the light is spraying bubbles or something!

Happiness--  is using your new snowflake-shaped bokeh filter, and turning the snowflakes from white blobs back into the proper snowflake shape!  =D

I am very pleased with the results. =) 

Fine, dry snow is very photogenic, as it catches the light best and sparkles in the light; even at 9:00 at night!

God Bless!


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