Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sunlit Snow

I post a lot of sunlit snow, don't I? Oh well, it does have the most drama and sparkle after all!

True; the photo below is not snow.
It's just part of our driveway in the golden light of evening, but it is a nice contrast to the cool blue tones of the photo above, but at the same time, the two photos are very similar . . .

Snow can form amusing shapes as it melts...


  1. I cannot fathom the unearthly, glorious wonder and purity of snow. But I think that I can fathom how your images capture their "simple" beauty: as I mention nearly every time I stop by here, your gift from the Lord is magnificent. It's stunning. x

  2. Oh, thank you Les! I am very glad to be able to bless others with my talent. =)
    Also, you are so very generous with your adjectives; I love that. <3

    Thanks for stopping by. =)

  3. Oh my gracious, these photos are magnificent! Snow is seriously amazing. I love all of these shots; they look so twinkly and magical. I wish I could have snow days!!


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