Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tops of Trees

It was rather amusing, really.
As I scrolled through my winter photos, I kept seeing the tops of a bunch of trees!

Apparently I had subconsciously started a collection of  "The Tops of Winter Trees with Blue Sky or Cool Clouds behind them". ;)

This little collection not only shows off the many and diverse tree shapes there are, but also the many styles of clouds: fluffy  and cotton-ball like, wispy and combed-out looking, randomly patchy, gradually increasing in size, and a mix of low and high clouds!

Okay, so I strayed a little on this one, as it's only a shrub, but the feel is the same.

And in this last one, I would like to draw your attention to that cloud closest to the sun; it was at just the right angle as to cast a shadow on the blanket of clouds behind it. Definitely worth snapping a photo!
Apparently it only happens in the deep blue skies of New Mexico though, for I've never seen it happen here.

God bless!


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