Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Picture Frame Earring Holder // DIY Project

It simply happens. 
It is inevitable. 
When your sister makes jewelry, your earrings are bound to multiply like rabbits. ;)

 Once I noticed this phenomenon was happening, and the toll it was taking on my current earring holder, a piece of plastic cross stitch canvas, I decided I needed something else to hold my earrings. Something much more sturdy, that my earrings were less prone to randomly falling out of. A picture frame with fabric between the frame and backing, fit all the requirements, besides being very customizable and low on sewing experience.

There are countless similar ideas on the web, of using a picture frame or quilting hoop with fabric and lace behind it, but I wasn't working from any particular pattern. 
Rather, my sister adapted a pattern to suit a 10 x 8 picture frame and worked out the details herself, and I- uh, just copied hers.

 I used:

 - 10 x 8 in wooden frame
 - 1/2 yard of fabric
- 2 yards of lace
- matching thread
- Piece of sturdy cardboard cut to the size of the backing
- Scissors 
- Pins
- Sewing machine

The rest is pretty simple:         

1. Cut the cardboard to size:

2. For the fabric, add two inches to the dimensions of the frame for wiggle room, and pin the strips of lace.
For mine, since the frame was 10 x 8, I cut my piece of fabric to 12 x 10. I also used 5 strips of lace, each cut to approximately 10 in. long.

3. Sew 'em down!

4. Take pictures. (Optional)

5.  Layer as shown: Frame, fabric, cardboard and backing.

 6. Make sure lace rows are straight.
Then it's finished!

The great thing about using lace, is that you can stick the earrings practically anywhere you like!

Hope this inspirational tutorial was helpful!

God Bless,



  1. I love it when I can enjoy the photos as much as the tutorial or idea itself;) This is so cool and the pictures are lovely as always:D

  2. This is so neat! What a pretty way to contain your sister's lovely jewelry. =) (aaand, it shouldn't surprise me that half of your earrings are green... =P)


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