Friday, October 16, 2015

Portraits in the Garden // Leaf Dance Photography

It's pretty fun to watch as the Organ mountains "unfold" the closer you get to them . . . :)

My great aunt is an avid gardener and I couldn't resist taking a few portraits in the front yard. :)

Adobe architecture and dappled sunlight? Yes please! 

My great Grandmother in her Natural Habitat. 
Doesn't she look great? Bet you wouldn't guess that she's 100 yrs old! :)

When we found out that the collie does not fetch balls from rosebushes... ;)

I kind of missed the sunset, but dusk was pretty!

And I end with this glittery picture of the city lights of Las Cruces. <3

I have a few more NM posts coming- Soon!

~Through His Grace,



  1. *lovely*
    Your sister is adorable! (so are you!) Such a blessing that she will let you practice photography with her! And I guess she is becoming a pretty good photographer herself, since I'm assuming she took the photos of you? ;)

  2. Wow, these are some great shots! Your hair is so, so beautiful. Lovely! And I truly cannot believe your grandma is 100. She looks great! Gah, I love the light in these shots. Keep shootin' :-)


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