Friday, October 2, 2015

Kallie - 2016 Senior - Antioch Park // Leaf Dance Photography

This was such a fun shoot!
As some of my older readers of my blog know, this sweet girl has been on my blog before, once in a short summer shoot, and again in an even shorter (and colder!!!) Fall shoot.  ;)
Those shoots were mostly just for fun and practice- but this- this was the real deal! :D
It's always exciting when you get to take one of your best friends senior pictures, and even more so when that friend is also a fellow photographer! :)

We spent an hour or so at Antioch Park and got a lovely variety of shots . . . shady woods, quiet reflection by the lake, and exploration in the creek, to name a few.  :D

Isn't she stunning??
(such a silly rhetorical question... ;))

Love these next couple photos especially . . . 


 Books and grassy fields are always a good idea. :)

 Oh- and this spot- this spot in the shade was sooooo wonderful . . . 

SO lovely!!!

She's so fun! :D

A lil' creek exploration . . . 

One of my favorites! 

Another favorite   <3

Through His Grace,



  1. Woah, awesome job, Jenny! I recognize those backgrounds, too... ;) She's sooooo gorgeous!!!

  2. ahhhh!! You did a fabulous job on these, Jenny!! Kallie is so beautiful! <3

  3. I love these so so so much!! Great job. :D


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