Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Colorado - Alberta falls

Constantly, she's really clumsy. =P

Okay, okay, I'll stop the lame jokes and get to the pictures.

On the trail . . .

 We saw a sparkly rock.

And some ferns!

This is the little grove of aspen I was tellin' ya'll about.

My hapless victim . . .! Who got her picture taken many times during the trip. =)

(Actually she's not that hapless, she liked 'em and needs a picture for her Etsy store anyway.)

  Logically, we saw the falls coming down before we actually saw the real waterfall . . .

Which was not quite deafening, but still loud enough we had to speak up a notch.
The spray carried over on the wind, nice and refreshing, and it was fun just to sit and watch the water spill over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over endlessly. I'm so glad God thought up waterfalls.

What are sisters for, except to make faces at?  =P

The water was gushing, rushing, pushing . . . flying along at speeds too fast for my camera to capture clearly.

    Except for this one, it's awesome!

    The view was rather nice . . .

     Honestly, I think this little guy just wanted his picture taken.
     He scurried out from wherever he was, paused . . .*click* . . .  and then scampered off to resume his normal activities.

While we waited for a shuttle bus, we saw a female elk, calmly grazing in the parking lot.

If someone tried I bet they could come up with several funny captions for this picture, it's full of possibilities!

 She's rather muddy, makes you wonder what she had been doing that morning.


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