Monday, September 17, 2012

Colorado - Bear lake

Don't worry, we didn't run into any bears. =P
Though we did see:

A lake!

Yeah, I know, big surprise.   =D
(Though it would have been very surprising if we went to bear lake and there wasn't a lake!)

My loverly sister   =)

The water . . . you would not believe how clear it was!

I mean, it was completely crystal clear!

And then from other angles it was that picturesque, sparkling, sapphire.

    A huge rock  near the path . . .  (I just had to go climb it)

Our picture on said rock.
Some super sparkly grass . . .

A spider web

    Lichen . . .

And that furry rodent we call a squirrel!

That's all folks!

Have a splendiferous day!


  1. Holy cow! you're so good. I love this picture post the best. :)

  2. Aww thanks, I really loved the water pictures, we don't see lakes like this very often.

  3. Great Colorado pictures! Love them. :)


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