Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Sunflowers!

Yep, just couldn't leave it at one post when I have so many pictures of these bright, golden, sunny flowers.
I took these a little later in the day, hence the very dramatic backlighting, which is the real key to all these pictures, they wouldn't have been half so interesting if they were taken, say, at midday in the shade.

I started out with this:

    And went on to compose, edit and scrunch down to get these:


THIS . . . Is the most be-pollened bee I think I've ever seen! I bet his friends have trouble recognising him through it all!

You remeber that awesome, gigantic sunflower I told you about yesterday? Well, sadly, I'm afraid it got a little too tall for it's own good, became the Leaning Stalk of Sunflower and is now the shortest of the sunflowers . . . though still the longest. =)

  The shadows on the leaves are neat . . .

  The view along the stalk is pretty neat too.

                    From the Sunflower state,

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