Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sun-star, Starry Sun, Sunny Stars... and a bit of Camera Review

Whatever you want to call 'em,  I just love 'em.

I know, I know,  it's kinda blurry, BUT THE LIGHT! 

The Light is the focus of this picture.

Because it's beauuutiful, warm, and almost- yes, liquid light.

(Kind of like- heavenly orange juice, if you will)

Randomly, some more lace curtains taken with my new camera . . . I'm able to get less depth of field with my new lens! <3

Same with this picture, normally, with my Panasonic camera, the tree trunks would be in focus.

I like the focus on the outside layer of leaves though, because that's how I see a group of trees like this.. It's similar to hopping inside a bubble; once you've gone through the outside layer, it's a little hideaway inside, enclosed all around by the leafy branches.

(That's a rather haphazard explanation though, so if you don't get it at all, please mention it)

Flickers of golden light as the sun goes down . . .

I like the moody feel of this picture . . . 

This, is an interesting exploration into focus and perception :

Plant no. 1, the tip is in focus; but the lower leaves aren't.
Plant no. 2, the tip is out of focus; but the lower leaves are in focus.

The interesting part is, since the tip of plant no. 1 is in focus, we assume it's closer; that's our first perception. However, looking closely, you'll see is that no. 2 is actually closer. 

 Then how could the lower leaves be in focus? If it were closer then all of it should be blurred. . . ?

Well . . . my hypothesis is that Plant no. 2 is leaning forwards. Same with Plant no. 1, even though it is physically an inch or two farther back, the tip leans forward enough that it is equal with the lower leaves of Plant no. 2. (Now, some of you are wondering, "Hey, she took the picture, right?, why all the guesswork, she should know!" Well . . . I didn't noticed until I was viewing them on a much bigger screen . . . and had forgotten. =P)

I just thought it was interesting, because when I set the focus, I wasn't taking into account the fact that they were, in fact, both leaning forward. My intent, was that Plant no. 2 be completely blurred, directing all your attention to Plant no. 1. But since the lower leaves of Plant no. 2 are in focus, it grabs some of your attention, and if you think about it too much, it'll start to confuse you. =)

Lastly, this picture is simply to display how impressed I was with the speed and accuracy that my Nikon D5100  (with a 1.8-50mm lens) focused on these two birds, easily flying 40-50 feet above me.

With my Panasonic, the process would go something like this:

1. See birds.
2. Point camera up and start zooming in.
3. Find birds again on LCD screen (hoping they haven't gone behind the tree yet!)
4. Put focus dot on birds and press shutter half-way.
(Often: focus fails, birds black dots in sky. try again.)
5. Camera focuses, press shutter down all the way.
6. *click* Photo captured.

With my Nikon:

1. See birds.
2. Point camera up and put focus dot on birds/ press shutter half-way.
3. Lens focuses, shutter down all the way: Photo captured.

Half the time!!! =D In fact, it was over so fast that I just stared at the LCD screen for a moment or two.
"Wait....did that really just happen?

 BONUS: For being that far away, when I cropped out various trees and such, there's still enough detail to distinguish the spread of their wings!

Now that's impressive.

God Bless!

                                   ~Jenny  ♥


  1. Ha, you are definitely in a new camera fever! May I just warn you that it is extremely contagious, with no antidote, and the only way to cure is to TAKE MORE PICTURES.

    So I love this post. And your pictures are so good! Especially the 4th to the last.

    1. Hahaha, I love that cure! =D Gosh, really? Thanks! <3

  2. Ah yes, I have that camera, too=D Glad you're liking it:)


    1. Really?! How cool! Yes, I definitely like it. =D

  3. Firstly these are all so beautiful...Secondly, I completely understand how you feel!! :)



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