Monday, July 15, 2013

A Monarch on the Mimosa . . . on Monday

Our Mimosa Tree in is covered with fluffy, pink, lightly scented flowers and they attract butterflies, moths, and even a humming bird sometimes!
So when I saw this critter flitting around, I went out for some "catch me if you can" butterfly shots. It included quite a lot of squinting, and flipping back and forth between the viewfinder and my eyes and lots of "Where'd it go now?".

Not surprisingly, miss Monarch spent a lot of time out of focus, but I decided it gave the pictures a floaty, dreamy, and almost ethereal feel. What do y'alls think?

Oh, yeah, and sometimes I got sidetracked by the beautiful foliage....which is just as pleasing as the flowers actually.

God Bless!

                                                  ~Jenny  ♥

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  1. The 4th and last picture are absolutely amazing:) <3 I love butterflies<3


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