Monday, May 5, 2014

KU Campus part 2 // Architecture & Sunset


Architecture & Landscaping

This tall building is the Campanile; a memorial to KU allumni who lost their lives in WW2.
Ever since it's completion in 1950, upon graduation, all the students tread up the hill to pass through it.
In the top of the building, there are 53 carillon bells. (Which we'll get to hear when we watch my brother pass under it in a few weeks.)


The Road Home & Sunset

Cows are just cool, ya know?

A train of birds passed over the highway...

Through His grace,


  1. Wow, awesome pictures! Isn't KU campus so cool? I'm not a KU-er, but I've been to their campus. It's pretty neat! :D
    Gorgeous pictures on the road! I love visiting your blog, you always have breath-taking pictures!


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