Friday, May 16, 2014

Scott & Meriah Wedding // Leaf Dance Photography

It was such a pleasure to second shoot Scott and Meriah's wedding!

I've known Meriah for 6 years now, and we've had many good conversations about story writing, Lord of the Rings, and building fictional worlds. It didn't really surprise me then, when I learned that that Scott was a writer too, and that they were planning a Renaissance themed wedding. In fact, I was quite delighted! I do love traditional weddings, but I'll photograph a unique one just as happily. ;)

I was thrilled when the first shooter, my good friend Anna, asked me to second shoot with her! You can see her post here. Due to the fact that I was second shooting, she has shots of moments when I was elsewhere, so be sure to check out her post. =)

One of my favorites!

Anna doing her thing...  =)

This is the grooms littlest sister, so cute.  =)

I love this one...

Another of the grooms little was obvious how much he meant to them.  =)

Congratulations Scott & Meriah!

Through His Grace,


  1. This is such a unique wedding! I love the shots you got! :)

  2. AMAZING pictures Jenny! :):):)

  3. I absolutely adore this post! I especially love the shots of all of the lights, and their huge smiles after getting married. You did a great job of capturing their joy. Love it :D

  4. They're wedding theme was so unique, I love it! The pictures you took were stunning as well!

    Pineapples & Daisies


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