Monday, May 12, 2014

This is the Feel of Spring // In Evening Light

The feel of spring . . .

It's the Golden light spilling over tiny new leaves.

It's the afternoon sun filling the tulips up so full they overflow.

It's the flowers on trees that don't look like flowers, but still are.

It's leaves so green, you can't take your eyes off them.

It' rediscovering what the inside of a flower looks like, and noting the shadows where petals overlap.

It's seeing the same flowers again and again, but never tiring of their beauty.

It's full of Light, and Color, and Glory.

"The LORD is high above the all nations, and His glory above the heavens!
Who is like the LORD our God, who is seated on high,
who looks down on the heavens and the earth?"
~Psalm 113:4-3

Nothing is ordinary.

Through His Grace,


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  1. How I love this post! I love your attention to detail, and ability to see beauty even in the tiniest of flowers. I love looking closely and seeing the pretty petals. You're totally right -- nothing is ordinary. If we just open our eyes, we can see God's hand in creation everywhere! :)


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