Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just normal common bugs . . .

 A skipper on a Black Eyed Susan flower in the glowing morning light.

 This guy made me laugh, stickin' his face into that flower up to his eyeballs!  =D

 This dragonfly I just saw this week, looked it up and found out it is a Common Whitetail. =)

This is a dragonfly from last year that puzzled me, I came upon it around 7 -ish one morning, and snuck up on it, gradually getting closer, and closer until I put the camera right next to it. When it didn't fly away at that I cautiously poked it and found that it was not going to move. So I hypothesized that it was cold and warming up, (after all, how many dragonflies die hanging on to a flower?) and left it at that. Latert hat morning it was gone, soI suppose either it warmed up or a bird ate it? Nothing I've read gave me any clues so its still a mystery. o.0


  1. Hey there! :)
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blogs, Maid For Him and Mikailah Autumn Photography. That picture you were asking about, is a locust tree. I'm not sure if it is a honey locust, though. :)

    And the other picture {the swirling picture} was accomplished by swirling my camera in a circle while I took the picture. :)

    You take beautiful pictures too! :) I love the first one--gorgeous.

    Have a blessed day, and stop by again!

    1. It is? Cool, we have some trees very like it.
      I figured that's what you had done, it was just neat to find someone else who has had the same idea. =)
      Thanks! The butterfly pictured is one of my favorites, so I photograph them often.
      Thanks again, and, I probably will. =)


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