Thursday, July 12, 2012

Riverbirch leaves Pt 1 Green

This is a collection of my favorite pictures of the Riverbirch trees in our yard.
Most of them were taken in spring, being the time when the leaves are new, a light green and haven't fallen off from heat stress yet.
They start out all lush and green.....

And then by July or August start dropping leaves. Which really isn't that bad for the photographer because with all the leaves there you can't really see the trunks, but when some drop off, voila, new photo opps!

 In the spring....

 In July.....

Now back to the spring....

In these couple pictures, I liked the contrast between the green leaves and the dark brown, almost black, slender branches.

My Sister took this one.  =)

Now I'm going to sneak in some pictures that aren't riverbirches.....  ;)

 This is what skippers look like with their wings open; bottom wings horizontal, top wings vertical.

 Some Black-Eyed-Susans beginning to flower.

 Autumn Clematis climbing on the trellis

Honey locust tree with bean pods

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