Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mostly sky

I've had quite a few subjects pop up these past couple days, so these don't really have a theme, but they are pretty interesting.

First, I saw this dragonfly, then looked up dragonflies on Wikipeadia and found out that it isn't a dragonfly at all! It is a "Common bluetail damselfly", and they eat mosquitoes, yay!
Same damselfly, different lighting, makes a big difference in color doesn't it?

I particularly like the sunbursts coming through the leaves in this one.

This guy requires a little more explanation. Walking through the parking lot of my church I noticed one of these on the ground and picked it up (by the leafy part) and much to my surprise it was a caterpillar! further to my surprise as soon as I saw what it was, he ducked back into his "house" as if he'd been suction cupped (I actually felt it) and then somehow closed the "doors" of his "house". This amused me very much so I decided to take a picture. I set him on a piece of wood and saw out of the corner of my eye another leafy lump on the ground, then another and another, about 10 or so of them, just inching their way across the parking lot, all taking their "houses" with them! It was too amusing to keep to myself.  =)

This is a pretty after-sunrise-cloud scape we had this morning.

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