Friday, July 13, 2012

Riverbirch leaves Pt 2 Orange

Green is my favorite color. Period.
However . . . there are a couple honorable mentions too, and orange is one of them. It's the color of  butterfly wings, cosmos, maple leaves, sunsets and rises, and, of course, oranges!
. . . and riverbirch leaves . . . =)
Before we get to that though, we'll take a look at the trunks, which are pretty colorful themselves.

I love this view up the trunk, I tried several time to get this picture with my old camera, but it just couldn't focus. But my new camera is splendid.  =)


This one is just down right awesome!
I love the bright, punchy colors in this one; green, blue, brown and a bit of orange.

This is the trunk of a much smaller tree that we planted a year and a half ago, so the bark is quite different.

Normally theses leaves are a dull orange/tan, but when the sun shines through at a low angle . . .

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