Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dragon . . . flies

I've discovered that skippers like the tiny, white bell-shaped blossoms of the Lemon balm bushes in our yard. Which is great because we have a lot of Lemon balm around so I can hopefully get some better pictures of of them, for instance, the last two days I've seen orange skippers, which I previously hadn't seen before. =D
Of course skippers aren't the only admirers of Lemon balm, bees are the most numerous and, from my observation, the "kings" of the "forest".  I've seen the biggest bees occasionally following (perhaps stalking might be a better term) smaller bees of their kind and chasing different bees and flying ants away.
They don't seem to mind the skippers, but I have noticed that if a bee flies too close to a skipper for comfort, the skippers, ahem, "skip" away.
I haven't noticed them chasing away dragonflies either.

 Lemon balm in spring (last spring to be specific) it gets much taller later, about 6 inches taller than the little bird bath there. And if you're 7 to 9 it's waist high and great for hide-and-go-seek. =)

 Close - up of the individual stems.

  An orange skipper!

One of the many bees apparently resting on a Lemon balm leaf.

 Lovely Dragonfly . . .

 These are a different kind of dragon fly, but I still think they're neat.

 This Dragonfly lived last  August, and was the first time I saw what a dragonfly actually looked like, rather than the imagined, highly stylized, body and wings.

Hope you learned something from this too!

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