Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowy Sunday

I really like this picture for some reason. Just the tips of grass pokin' out o' the snow.

Our church backs up to some woods, and there's some flower boxes and roses scattered around, which were freshly frosted with snow the night before.    =)



  1. These are *gorgeous*, i love them all. my favorite is the ones of the twigs with drops and sunshine on them. :)

    i know you wondered where my name "noni" came from, well i explained it in my post today, just thought you might like to know. :D

  2. The first four photos are my favorite. :) I've never seen blanketed snow but I would love to! It looks so dewy and sparkly :D

  3. THESE ARE GORGEOUS. This post screams winter. I love it. Especially the grass poking out. It actually kinda reminds me of the scene from Bambi where spring is just starting to happen and the grass peaks from the snow.

  4. The second to last looks like diamonds on the branches. :) Oh, just all so beautiful.


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