Thursday, February 28, 2013

It was a Dark and Snowy Night . . .

When a girl ventured out onto the porch for some snow bokeh pictures

   The first snowstorm of two to drop 10 inches(!) on us, and nice, wet, fluffy snow at that. The kind of snow that literally frosts the trees.
Yep, it was great.
Purrrfect igloo building snow, snowball material and knee deep in places.
Then when the sun came out; SPARKLES pretty much everywhere.  =)
Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll post some snowy splendour. * *


P.s. The idea for snow bokeh was from Eli


  1. The second-to-last one is neat with the trees in the background:)
    Glad I could inspire you too:P

  2. Post more pictures! I need to see more snow! :) The third and fourth photos are beautiful, btw. I love the little circle-y snowflakes!

  3. I always love bokeh pictures :)


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