Thursday, February 21, 2013


* Sunspreader  *

* Reflections in tea *

* Flashes of color *

* Light coming in through the curtains, reflecting off the mirror and lighting up my sister's jewelry. *
(I'm sure it's happened many times during the winter, but I never noticed until now!)

* Sparkles and rainbows from earrings *

      It's rather curious how you get used to things and stop noticing them after a while.
That sun catcher for instance; it's been in our room for several years and I remember the excitement I first felt, after admiring them in other houses for the longest time,
"Yipeee!  Now we can have our own rainbows every day!"
 Yes, I'm sure I checked it at least ten times a day, checking to see if the angle was right for rainbows to 'dance' on the wall.
Then, sadly, tragically, it ceased to constantly intrigue me, and more or less disappeared from sight.
My sight anyway; as it still hangs from the corner of the bookshelf as it always has.
The weird part is, if I see one in the store or at a friends house, I'm quick to admire, sigh, and wish that we had one. Then, duh! *smacks forehead* I remember I do have one.

But that's the way it is most often isn't it?  I found this quote the other day:

 "Jealousy is when you count someone else's blessings and not your own." ----Unknown  

And thought it was very fitting as jealousy, envy and covetousness all come from "Wanting what you don't have, and having what you don't want." ---as a good authoress who's name escapes me at the moment once said.

So, enjoy your rainbows and reflections and " If you can't find the bright side... polish the dull side!"  ---Anonymous

*   ~Jenny , who is splendiferously happy because we just got 8 inches of snow this morning!  * *

(She's  also hoping the sun will come out so she can experiment with  her bokeh filter since the sun hid last time.)


  1. This is one of my favorite posts yet! :) I really liked your advice at the end. That quote about jealousy was spot on!! Also, beautiful photos.

    1. It really hits the nail on the head doesn't it?!
      Thanks Erin! <3

  2. Oh, the prisms of light, and Bokeh and well everything is beautiful! :) And I know what you mean, sometimes I see but don't "see" things that i used to be so happy and excited about. Thank you for posting, a very awesome message.

    1. Thanks Michelle! Now I'm especially glad I took the time to write my thoughts down and tweak 'em and all! =D

  3. JENNY THIS IS *MINDBLOWING*. Holy cow! My favorite post. i've never seen pictures like these before. I espppppecially like the second and last one in the section about the rainbow and light beams. And then i loveee the tea reflections and the one trophy picture with all the little dots of color on them. CRAZY! You have a great eye for photography.

    1. Are you serious Soph?! Woah, that really makes my day!!
      Your reaction is pretty much like mine when I saw the flashes of color on the trophy! Then I switched the focus and WOW! It got me again. =D

  4. I like this, Jenny! I love all the sunlight spilling all over the place <3

    1. Thank you so much Gabby!
      I was rifiling through my pictures and noticed I had a lot of 'light' filled ones and the idea started taking shape..."Hey I should make a post about these!" =D

  5. Those are amazing photos. And I love that thing about jealousy. So true. This is by far my favorite post of yours. You sure do have an eye for photography. See you later,

  6. Ohhh So cool! I LOVE the 2nd tea picture!!! Good job.


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