Friday, February 15, 2013

What to do...

On Valentines day!

1. Get up in time to see the sunrise in the hopes that it looks somewhat like this:

2. If you have a dog, you do as my friend suggested  <3

3. Look at pictures of roses (or take pictures of roses. ;))

4. Discover an adorable heart shaped flower named "Bleeding heart". <3

5. Find a teapot with a rose basket cosy and . . .

6.  . . . Have a tea party with your friends!

7. Or buy some candles . . .

And have a candle light dinner!

8. Dig through your pictures and make 'Valentiney' collage. 

9. And if you don't do anything else, do make sure to eat some chocolate and make your friends a little note telling them how much you appreciate their friendship. <3
It'll totally make their day.  =D



  1. These are cool ideas! I like the tea photo and your collage:)

  2. We have always wanted to see some bleeding hearts to take photos of. They are such a beautiful display of God's creation. You took some nice pictures.
    P.S. please check out our blog.

  3. Fun post, Jenny! That first sunrise shot is gorgeous! (of course, so are the rest =D)


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