Friday, March 1, 2013

* It was a Wet and Snow- Frosted Morning *

Shooting through a window covered in melted snow is . . .  is funky!
I rather like the effect .


Drooooooopy, droopy tree branches.


I like the way this Juniper tree balloons out at the bottom. It's almost as if it was encased in snow, and then, I dunno, maybe it sneezed and blew it all off.  ;)
(There's a nice mental image for ya', a nice picturesque snow covered pine tree one moment, the next; it looks like the one below!)


The igloo my friend and I made out of a snow pile left from the snowplow . . . (It only seats one)

 * * ~Jenny, 

who has some MORE snowy pictures with some sunshine, sunset and ice in 'em, that will be posted tomorrow.  =)    * *

And a Happy Weekend to you all!


  1. I love this! You made an igloo? That is just awesome! I can't even fathom this because I live nowhere remotely near snow. But it's cold enough today for me to wear boots and a sweater, so I'm content. I love the imagery of a tree sneezing :)

    1. Gosh I feel lucky now! It's almost tradition to make dig out an igloo when we have enough snow too. We made a super big one year before last...maybe I'll post some pictures of it. We could fit about 4 of us in there!
      Yay! The reason for it looking weird just kinda popped into my head as I was typing, and I thought "I wonder if I can get away with this...!"

  2. Sneezing... Haha No kidding, I have actually thought that before! Really funny, but I love the mood of all these:) You seriously captured the wet, cold feeling:D
    Ahh... you have got to be a kindred spirit:) If you know what that is, it's not creepy is it?

    1. Really? How funny! I really hadn't though of it before now. =D
      Aww, thanks!
      Yes, I know what it is and that's the perfect description! I know quite a few kindred spririts actually. ;) Some are pianists, some artists and some photographers.


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