Monday, March 18, 2013

It all started with a rabbit . . .

You know the kind, plump, drunk with sun and almost (almost) oblivious to the photographer two feet away.

Anyway, one golden late afternoon, he was sitting sweetly under the trellis, dappled in the evening light.
It was a sweet picture. (As sweet as rabbits go anyway . . . =P )

 Having got my picture, I then turned to leave the backyard, as most of it was in shadow, when I saw his friend:

Yeah, pretty much a ball of fluff.

Anyway, in front there were these lovely sparkles...

 Can you guess where they were?

Yup, plain ole' pavement under the car!

 I moved on to other subjects...

Winter sure can be pretty colorful sometimes; all is not gray and grim, but also golden and glowing.

God Bless!
                                   ~Jenny  ♥


  1. Oh, you can see your ground! Really, my yard is buried so deep I doubt I'll ever see it again! Well, probably will, but not any time soon:P
    The sparkles, I'm not a girly-girl but gems of nature is what I love:)

    1. I know! We had a warm spell at the end and the snow sank about 6 inches in one day...the next day we could actually see grass! :O It was shocking!
      Gems of nature... I like that phrase very much! 'cause I'm not a girly-girl per-say either. =D

  2. OHMYGOSH THAT RABBIT!<3 adorable. my heart melted. the 1st picture of him is mmmyyy faaavorite, but then the first picture of the sun in between the trees is my 2nd fav<3

    1. Yaay! Some one who likes the furry critters as much as I do! =D
      Some members of my family have said "Jennnny... a rabbit? Why? Those furry, plant eating varmints don't deserve it!" But they are cute; when they aren't eating the heads off the Daylilies... ;)

  3. OMW that rabbit is so adorable. I actually just saw one a few days ago in my back yard, briefly. You're so lucky to have gotten up close and taken some photos! And I love the sparkly pavement :D


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