Monday, March 4, 2013

Frosted trees n' Such

 Am I the only one who thinks of a frosting on a cupcake when I see this picture?

Now this is a rare tree; probably one of the only Crab-and Snowapple trees in Kansas.   ;)

The birds have been munchin' away . . . .

Another Snowapple tree?
No, actually these are Snow Squirrels, they are only seen when there's inches upon inches of heavy snow. They often get mistaken for snowballs though, so they tend to stick to the trees.


   * Snow is a lovely thing, is it not?  *


For those of you still wondering abou the Snowapple trees and Snow Squirrels, yes I pulled your leg on that one. ;)


  1. Wow- MORE snow? And I am over here rejoicing that this morning is warm and sunny- just like a summer morning :)

    Love this!

  2. Snow is a lvoely thing! I love how you capture it. :)


    Also, yeahhh, i decided to go back to titles every now and then. I switch things up a lot. I don't like staying the same for so long.

  3. ohhh.... I like the 8th one. :) pretty!

  4. The frozen water drop picture is absolutely amazing. Beautiful pictures as always :)


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