Sunday, March 17, 2013

Green is the Theme!

Why do I like Saint. Patrick's day so much?
'Cause of the Green.
It's the one day when everyone (most of everyone anyway) wears my favorite color.
It's the one day I don't stick out for wearing Green  Almost Every Time They See Me.

 Being such a Color, It deserves a post all it's own.

 Riverbirch Leaves

Honey Locust leaves

Dewdrops n' Sunlight

Beagle! ♥


Mosaic Mimosa

Green is a lovely color.

Are you convinced now?  =D

God Bless!
                                   ~Jenny  ♥


  1. ohhh... the first one is amazing. :) good job!

  2. Goodness, your photography is so inspiring!

  3. Your bokeh is always so pretty :)

  4. YES. Perfect theme. I love green! :) And st.patty's day. I love the last photo da most. because it almost looks like a painting...not real in a way. Its cool. :) Hope you had an awesome st.patty's day!

  5. The dragonfly and the very last picture are both so great! Green is one of my favorite colors ever:)

  6. That first photo is so beautiful! And I also really loved the dragonfly one. And your beagle is adorable :) Gotta love green!

  7. If I wasn't already convinced that green is a wonderful color, you definitely would have me convinced after seeing your lovely pictures. ;-) The first one is SO beautiful... it acutally has rainbow bokeh! And I agree with Eli^ about the dragonfly and very last one, as they are both some of my favorites in this post. Well... besides the dewdrop ones. =D

  8. ^ Sorry, Jenny, that comment was from me... forgot to publish under my name =P ^

  9. Thank you all so much for your comments! ♥
    I had a blast reading them. =D


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