Monday, March 11, 2013

The Sparkle of Sun and Shadow

Dainty little bird tracks . . .

And these.
You know what these are? These are rabbit tracks. Yes, I meant that in the plural.

Very "plurally" in fact.

We see this often after a snow.
When you go to bed the snow is flawlessly smooth.
When you wake up in the morning and peek out the window . . .  it generally looks like a whole parade of rabbits-, a whole flock-, a whole herd of rabbits were out playing in the moonlight.

What do they play?
Why "ring around the rosie"! (Only around the tree instead)  ;D
They really do.
I have proof :           

I was as surprised as you are.
(You are surprised right?)

I could just picture them; hopping around, squeaking "Hey! Look! Snow! *boing* *boing* . . . and made myself laugh while I was taking the picture.

Moving on . . .
You know that special way the snow glints when the sun hits it just right?  You'd like to keep all those sparkles forever, (especially to look at in the heat of summer) so you grab your camera and snap a shot.
Then you squint at your LCD screen and search anxiously for the rainbow highlights that you see in the snow.
Sadly, to your great disappointment, you don't find them. Some white highlights perhaps, but no colored ones.

Oh, those elusive sparkles!

Skip ahead two years, and try again with your new camera. You go through the same procedure, can't quite see any, snap a bunch and just hope that once you upload them they'll be visible . . .
They finally were !!  =D

*Sigh* with happiness. A desire finally fufilled, and move on around the yard . . .

Spy some shadows . .


Question :  Are those big fluffy clouds in the background or piled up snow?

(Those who answered snow are correct, but if  you look again, they do almost look like clouds really bunched up and  in the far distance . . . sorta . . . to me anyway . . . )


I LOVE these rainbow sparkles!!  ♥


I liked these shadows . . .


"What is that?"
You ask? Well, it  happens to be a bunch of footprints in the snow that have melted during the day, and the rims are highlighted now, by the evening sun.
It caught my eye.

God Bless!
                      ~Jenny  ♥


  1. Ohmygosh! I love the little rabbit tracks one! And the ring around the rosie thing made me smile:) Also its crazy how you captured the snow sparkling in different colors! i was shocked. It's so pretty!

    1. Heehee, rabbits are just amusing to me. ;)
      Isn't is AMAZING?
      You didn't know snow could do that didja? People usually think of snow as "white", but it's really a whole spectrum of colors! =D

  2. gah! they're all so gorgeous, i'm pretty sure i always say that, but its a true story. :)

  3. Gorgeous! I often think that one of the reasons I love snow so much is because it reminds me of glitter...haha!

    1. Thanks! Really, I don't want a diamond in my ring, I'd rather have snow! *

  4. Rainbow sparkles!!! Seriously I love love love:) Too much girl! This post is awesome, ring around the rosie and glitter:)


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