Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring Flowers and a small article of notice

I got so caught up in the flowery trees that I neglected the flowers on the ground! (Tsk, tsk.) 
Therefore I shall scatter pictures of them in the next couple posts.  =)

I shall also mention that I've been blogging for a year and 5 days!  (I started on the 22nd)
I looked back to that first post and saw that it seemed rather stiff and uncertain, kinda like I didn't know what I was really doing. (Which . . . I didn't! =P)
Now I have a better idea of what the purpose of this blog is and what I would like to accomplish on it.

So, without further ado, I present some more pictures of God's handiwork!

* Bleeding hearts

* Dontcha' just love the little curly-cues on this Dandelion?

 * Daisy

* Tulips

* Daffodil

* Grape hyacinths

* Petunia

* Lilac

* Rosebud

* Colombine

* Rose

 As you might have noticed, this post doesn't focus on one particular flower. How are you liking' that?  =D

1. Do you like the "focused" posts?  (where I show pictures of just one flower/tree/person/)

2. Or,  you think mixed posts are more interesting,

3. Or, you'd like to see a little of both?

 I'd really like to know, so don't be shy!    =)

God Bless!
                                   ~Jenny  ♥

Oh, and in case you'd like to see what just hatched robins look like, you might click here, because I found a picture I searched frantically for the other day to include in my post . . .  but didn't find.  ;)


  1. These are so pretty! The tulips + water drops = heaven. :)


    1. Thanks Jessie! The tulips were my sisters favorite as well. =D Dewdops are just so very fascinating!

  2. Bleeding hearts???!!! Those are my absolute favorite flowers!!! I wish you had more pictures of them so I could ooh and ahh and write more ridiculous run on sentences but yeah.

    1. Splendid! I'm glad you mentioned that Gabby, I'll make a post just for them! I can take enless pictures of them and I have only half a million that I want to post! Now I have a reason too! And I'll use up half the worlds exclaimation points in the meantime! =D

  3. Replies
    1. All of them?! ;) You didn't answer my question . . . =( and I do value your opinon . . . =)

  4. Ooh I really love this. The daffodil, especially. And I like how you mixed it up! I think it shows variety, which is beautiful :)

  5. Goodygumdrops! There's just something about that daffodil that I like too. Thanks for your input on my question! =D

  6. Ummm, ummmm, I love most all of them?? Whelp, yes. Yes I do:) The Grape Hy-something-I-can't-pronounce and the Colombine are my favorites:P
    I LOVE variety. I just do:) But I also like the focused posts, so I am "Number Three!"
    Oh, one more thing, I really like the very first tulip picture very much! The lighting and the dew and the colors are all just lovely:D
    Elisabeth, out!

  7. PS: Happy blog b-day!! Quite a few of my favorite blogs started in May of last year! That's neat:)


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