Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trees in bloom #5 // Honey locust

Aren't they lovely flowers? Why, they just like . . . like . . BIRDS??!  
Yes, these are also known as the Cedar Waxwing trees.                        *wink* *wink*                                                                                

Actually, putting the lame joke aside, these birds are just too cute and funny looking (they all  have Black masks and some even have miniature mohawks!) that  I couldn't resist posting them on here.

Here's the actual flowers : They look sort of like . . . kind of like, well, a cluster of grapes shaped like a Christmas tree.

Sort of.

Not really.      =P           I'll get back to you on that!

They don't smell particularly good or look astonishingly beautiful, but the Butterflies like 'em anyway.

The Red Admiral butterflies to be precise.
For some reason there was a whole FLOCK (meaning, about 75 or so) of them all over this tree!

I posted some of these pictures last June

Okay, so they are shaped nothing like Christmas trees. =/

More like . . . Long, furry caterpillars perhaps?  =D

Glittery wings, metallic coppery backs and orange stripes . . .  the Lord God hath made them well.

May I present: The View of a Sideways Butterfly From Behind. Just a little "V" and antennae!

God Bless!
                                   ~Jenny  ♥

P.s. In case you hadn't noticed,  this is post #5, it accidentally got skipped 'cause I rushed ahead into the redbuds.


  1. Wow . . .These are beautiful!!! All the B&Ws are my favorites. :)

  2. Honey Locust trees may not be stunning, but I really like them, their leaves especially:) The photos of the butterflies with their wings blurred are pretty cool, I like that type of effect because it shows movement:P
    Eli out!

  3. The seventh picture. Oh my goodness. I really love the transparency in the leafs-- it really brings the focus towards the stems... that's hard to get :)


    1. Gosh, really? Thanks! Here I was thinkin' it was pretty simple! Sweet talkin' the tree first probably did help though.... ;)

  4. The black and white picture of the butterfly<3 FAV to the RITE. I LOOOOVE IT

    1. Awwww, thanks Soph! I really should do more b&w, they can really make a statement!

  5. You are just the best! I love your style; your photos are always so peaceful and I feel like I am looking at the nature as if it was right there in front of me! And I won't lie, for a split second I actually thought you were being legit about those bird trees......I was fooled, haha! :) This is a great post, one of your best!!

    1. Well thanks Erin! That's great feedback! =D
      I'm very glad that my little corner of the web is peaceful, I live a rather quiet life and I guess it shows! (quiet that is, except for the occasional urge to pull someones leg! =P)

      Thanks again!

  6. What? I thought I posted a comment yesterday... Guess not.
    Okay, so this something like what I said:P I love how you got the motion of the butterfly's wings:) I love motion shots. It shows life to me!
    The last have to be my ones. The angles and lighting is lovely and I like the fact that in the 2-to-last one it feels as though I'm inside the butterfly's world:) Not sure why, it just does!
    K, and about the bird trees, at first I was like "What?" then I was like "Naw... That's not right!" then I was like, "I should stop using like." Then, yes:) I love Waxwings:)
    Something like Erin said, I love your photos 'cause they're always peaceful and happy. Cheerful photos are what I love:)

  7. Beautiful photos!
    Love the butterflies!


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