Thursday, May 9, 2013

You might recognize . . .

This girl . . .

 . . . because she happens to be me!   =D

 My mother arranged a delightful surprise for me;  Olivia was going to take my senior portrait!
I was fairly bouncing off the walls in anticipation, having been drooling over the other Senior Portraits she's taken and posted to her blog. Which you should go check out because she's got a seriously good eye for subjects, compositions and how to really capture the light.

Being a fellow photographer myself, when she was considering various spots around the yard for a shot, I could sorta see what she was seeing; leading lines, light and shadows. . . it was neat.   =)

One skill in particular that I noticed that she is very proficient at, and I sadly lack; she's got a good handle on posing people.
My deficit in that area probably comes from the fact that most of my subjects are plants and animals. I tend to pick a cluster of roses or butterflies and move myself around to get the kind of picture I have in mind. It's not like you can say to the Riverbirch tree "Okay, wave your fifth branch and tip your top branches closer to the sun . . ." or to the rabbit "Alright, cock your head to the left and wiggle your nose, awww!"
In other words you might say I had a brilliant realization: "You can't photograph people like you can fauna and flora!"
'Cause we're different.   =)

Guitars are awesome.

Need I say more?

Juggling is Totally Amazing. You should all take up the talent. ;)

This is one of my all-time favorite poses!    

Thank you Olivia!

God Bless!
                                   ~Jenny  ♥


  1. I so totally agree with what you said about posing people... So hard for me too! I was smiling throughout your whole "talk" about it:D
    Guitars are awesome. No, you needn't say more.
    You look so serene in the juggling photo:) The one directly after it is my favorite!
    I could say more, I guess I don't have enough time!
    Buh Bye!

    1. The one after the juggling? That was fun, we were doing some hair flippin'. And really, it's harder than it looks! =D but I like how it turned out.


  2. Great pictures!!!!!! I also lack the skill to pose people- for the same reason as you. I was going to say my favorite; then realized they are all so great I don't have one!


  3. W.O.W! These are some really great pics! Olivia did a great job!!

    1. Aren't they?! She is SO good at " shooting" people! I learned quite a bit just by being the subject. =)

  4. I just gotta say Jenny, you are just SO cute, adorable and pretty! I had a blast taking pics with you! :)

  5. Seriously, I didn't know I that cute! I've always had my suspicions though... ;)
    I had a blast too!

  6. You guitar? You juggle? You are super-duper cute like nothing I've ever seen before and your hair is just so dang gorgeous.

    I love this. Jenny, you are beautiful. I hope you know that ;)

  7. Oh Gabby you are too sweet! <3
    Gosh, I never dropped a line that I guitar? How careless of me! Admittedly though, I play the piano better, but we couldn't very well take IT outside. . . =P
    Wellllll, I do know that my hair is way too pretty, but I didn't want to brag 'bout it, if you know what I mean. ;)

    Thank you muchly!


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