Monday, May 13, 2013

Trees in Bloom #7 // Redbud // Part 1

Seriously, these must be some of the most photogenic trees.
I have so many favorites and photos of them in different "moods" that I couldn't just stuff them all into one post and do them justice.

Plus, there is the small incidental fact that I took some more this year (even though I thought I'd gotten it all last year!) and they have a completely different feel to them!

This post has dewdrop covered flowers; mostly shady and a few sunny.  =D

The individual flowers are just so cute!    <3

Do these remind anyone else of winged shoes?

Then, the SUN came out and shed some light on things!   =)

Have a Splendid day!

God Bless!
                                   ~Jenny  ♥


  1. ahhhhhhh please send me those beautiful flowers and colors this way to FL! haha. I love em. I wish we had more flowers around our house and stuff because id love to make a flower crown someday.

    1. Oh boy Soph, don't I wish I could! 8D
      That is a splendid idea though, I should do a shoot with my sister wearing one! =D

  2. I've never seen these kinds of trees before! They are so beautiful :) I love how you zoom in and get close so we can see the little delicate petals. These are really awesome!

    1. Stay tuned and you'll see some more! ;)
      I love them so; they look so bubbly!
      I know, the closer you get the more you see! All the little veins and such...
      And thanks for all your commments Erin! They are so encouraging. <3

  3. I've never heard of Redbud trees before... These are lovely especially with the dew!
    I really, really, really love the fourth picture (of the single flower with teeny little droplets and cloudy lighting) and I also like the winged shoes:)
    But, I like the sunshine pictures best. I'm just a happy-go-lucky person and I love the sunshine:)
    PS: I like how you capitalize he first letter:) It's like reading a cool book or something:P
    PPS: I'm gonna try to stop doing "PS" all the time too. But who knows? :P
    PPPS: Great. I forgot to say that the snow IS all melted at my house! The photo you mentioned is from middle of last month:)
    THE END.

    1. Never heard of them before? That's terrible! I'll have to post some more pictures of them then! ;D
      Personally, I'm a sunny girl too; which is why the sunny ones get a post all their own. =)
      You noticed!! Actually, I got the inspiration from you, 'cause your blog is real unique with the way the change the color of the words sometimes, I wanted to make mine more unique and I've always liked the look of oversized capital letters. <3



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