Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trees in Bloom #8 // Redbud // Part 2

Even though I love the mood, feel, and color an overcast sky adds to my photos, I much prefer the sun-filled, bursting with light, juicy back-lit, side-lit and top-lit shots!  

Today I've arranged these in chronological order:the shy, unopened buds first, then the buds bursting into blossom, and the leaves that appear shortly thereafter.

These little zigzags, they remind me of those wavy slides.

Remember those shy buds? Suddenly, they BURST into Billions of Bubbly Blossoms . . . to be alliterative =P

 These two have an inner glow, even though I didn't edit them!

So one of my fellow photographer friends, Olivia, told me she mostly shoots in Aperture mode. (That's "A" on the wheel)
Sometime last fall I remember trying to shoot in Apt. and not seeing much difference in the photos vs. the ones shot in Program (P). However, when I tried it again just recently, I noticed a Biiiiiiiiiig difference. I must be more observant now.  ;)

Yup, the color of the buds differs juuuust slightly on some of the trees.  =D

Sunbursts . . . no post is complete without a sunburst!

 Hunting for interesting shadows =  part of the thrill of a photo shoot!

It's no secret; I just LOVE close-ups. Therefore, it's somewhat of a struggle to zoom out and get the big picture, (so to speak ;D) of whatever I happen to be photographing.

I'm a workin' on it.

Hey look! Some more winged shoes!  ;)

The first sunburst was just so good, I HAD to take another one.

I like these curving twisted redbud branches, dancing in and out of the shadows, speckled with clusters of pink, and in shadow, purple!

Some abstract bokeh .... just "branching out" on different types of pictures.  ;)

 Invading             Sunny               Glow.

Simply nuttin' better.

Just when I thought I'd got all the pictures you could take of a redbud, this year and last, I was pleasantly surprised to catch them in evening light, not backlit, only just basking in it.
This combination turned them a different color of pink than I had previously caught!


God Bless!
                                   ~Jenny  ♥

P.s. If  you made it to the end of this post, *highfive* to you!  ;)



  1. I looove the sunbursts! And those flowers are stunnnningggggggggg. And lastly, the last picture is one of my very favoritesss<3 You capture em perfectly mah dear!

  2. These are just the best! Seriously, some of my favorite shots of yours yet! I love all the shadows you captured and the wavy branches. :) Beautiful shots!!

  3. Uhhhhgggg... That's the sound of my mind being sucked into this brilliant world of sunbursts and sunshine.
    Send some to me please? Heehee, there are so many pictures I liked in this post, that I'ma go ahead and say I love pretty much all of them:)
    I love the dark brown, bright pink feel most of the photos have:)
    And the shadow on the leaf looks like a spider! Or is it just me?
    Eli out.


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