Friday, May 17, 2013

Trees in Bloom #9 // Redbud // Part 3 (last one!)

While I eventually outgrew my cute little green Kodak, it did capture some pictures I'm rather fond of:

Fine print notice: Sunbeams were edited in.

God Bless!
                                                 ~Jenny  ♥


  1. I like the sunbeams in the first one, added though they be:) I took many pictures that I still like with my cute little pink Kodak:P (Although I'm not the type of girl that usually likes pink...)
    The second and third photos are my favorite kind of photo. I love the great depth-of-field they have:)
    Again, the different styles of editing you used are excellent and interesting.
    Our trees are finally blooming! I gonna have to do a post on it soon;)

  2. Aw, I love looking back at old pictures. It's wonderful because it resonated with you once a long time ago and then when you see it again. It's like, "hey old friend."

    Thanks :)


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